WAG 02-03-01: Vcm

There are 2 different versions of the FA component in VCM. These components are:

  • the Wizard, and
  • Family Assessment Free Form.

The Wizard is a structured series of questions designed to ensure that every aspect of a client's family situation is covered. The Wizard incorporates the questions in the Form 4001 series into an automated format in which the client's response to each question can be recorded.

Access the FA by signing on to the VCM and entering the Visitor Information System (VIS). Under the Service Tools Menu item go to Service Need. Before an FA can begin, the system requires a search to see if the client already exists in the system. If the client cannot be found, enter the demographic information and proceed.

The Selection of Service Need window serves as the starting point.

From the Selection of Service Needs window, access the Family Assessment. When the Assessment option is taken, the system identifies any existing assessments. If an assessment has not already been completed, select the ADD option. The Family Assessment Free Form window appears. From there you can select the Wizard.


The Wizard presents you with a series of windows that contain questions on each area of the client's situation. Proceed through the windows asking the questions as you go and documenting the client's answers in each window. From every window in the Wizard, you can access the Selection of Service Need window to document a particular service need.

As you progress through the Wizard, identify service needs and add them to the Selection of Service Needs window.

Family Assessment Free Form

The Family Assessment Free Form does not offer any specific questions. In the Free Form format, experienced workers who are familiar with the information to be obtained during the FA are free to carry out the FA interview in their own way. Workers use their interviewing techniques and information-eliciting methods to gather all the information needed.

The Family Assessment Free Form window allows access to each of the following areas where you can, in your own words, describe the facts and circumstances identified for the client and their family:

  • employment,
  • education,
  • individual and family health,
  • infant, child, and teen health,
  • treatment, and
  • elderly.

These groups correspond to the service need areas covered by the Form 4001 series for conducting an assessment.

From each of these windows, you may choose to view the questions provided in the Wizard for the area you are covering. If you are not sure what questions to ask, use the questions in the Wizard.

From the Free Form window, access the Selection of Service Need window at any time to document a service need identified for the client.