WAG 01-07-07-h: Appeal of Decision that Health Plan No Longer Cost-Effective

PM 01-07-07-h.

  1. (HIPP Unit) Sends client Form 3459C at least 10 days in advance of next premium due.
  2. (HIPP Unit) Pays premiums through appeal process if client files appeal within first 10 days.
  3. (HIPP Unit) Sends the client copies of all information used to make the decision to cancel premium payment.
  4. (HIPP Unit) Conducts pre-hearing meeting, by telephone, to explain unit's decision.
  5. (HIPP Unit) Completes Form 102.
  6. (HIPP Unit) Sends copy of Form 102 to HFS Fair Hearings Section, Family Community Resource Center, client, and client's representative.