PM 01-07-04: Continuing Benefits at the Previous Level

WAG 01-07-04

  • PM 01-07-04 and related sub-topics do not apply to All Kids Share and All Kids Premium. deleted manual text
  • Continue benefits (other than temporary medical benefits approved under policy at PM 17-03-03 and child care) in the previous amount if the client files the appeal by the later of:
    • the date of change; or
    • the 10th calendar day after the date of notice.
  • Continue benefits if the date of change or 10th day is a non-workday and the appeal is received or postmarked by the next workday.
  • When the action under appeal is not a change in the ongoing benefit amount, there is no date of change. Examples of such actions are a determination of overpayment or assignment of a primary care provider. In these cases, do not take the action if the client files the appeal within 10 calendar days of the date of notice or by the first workday following the 10th day if the 10th day is not a workday.
  • Do not continue benefits if the client asks that benefits be stopped. Do not continue child care benefits.
  • For a SNAP appeal, do not continue benefits past the end of the SNAP approval period unless the client files a SNAP REDE application and is determined eligible. If eligible, the benefits for the new SNAP approval period may be authorized at a different level.
  • new manual textDo not authorize replacement of EBT Electronic Theft benefits during the appeals process on a denied claim. See PM 22-03-02.