WAG 01-07-02: How an Appeal May Be Filed

PM 01-07-02

(Customer) Asks to file an appeal.

  1. (FCRC) Tell the customer how they can file the appeal.
    1. For cash (including child care) and medical, tell the customer they may file a written appeal by mail, fax, in person, or the customer may call DHS Bureau of Hearings (BAH) at 1-800-435-0774 between 8:30 a.m. and 4:45 p.m. on Department workdays.  Give the customer the address and fax number of the FCRC.  Also give the customer the address, fax number, and email for the DHS Bureau of Hearings (BAH).  The address for BAH is 69 W. Washington, 4th Floor, Chicago, IL 60602; Fax: 312-793-3387 and the email address is DHS.BAH@illinois.gov
    2. For child care appeals, also provide the name and address of the appropriate CCR&R and Bureau of Child Care and Development (BCCD), 100 S. Grand Ave East, 2nd Fl., Springfield, IL 62762.  Mail or give the customer a Notice of Appeal (Form 103).  Assist in completing Form IL444-0103, if requested.
    3. For appeals involving only SNAP benefits, complete Form 103 based on the customer's verbal request.
    4. revised textFor customer's with an ABE account and login, let the customer know that they can go to https://abe.illinois.gov/abe/access/appeals. For customers without an ABE account, tell the client that they can create an ABE account by following the prompts to link their ABE account to their IES case information and then they can file an appeal online.
  2. revised text(FCRC) Appeals received by a Family Community Resource Center, other Department offices, or a CCR&R must be date-stamped and uploaded in IES within 48 hours.  If the customer files an appeal at a FCRC that is not currently serving the client, the FCRC should upload the appeal into IES and notify the servicing FCRC.
  3. (FCRC) Scan and upload Form IL444-0103 and the postmarked envelope if the request was mailed to the office or the transmittal sheet if it was faxed to the office. For appeals signed by an authorized representative, include a copy of the authorization (Form IL444-0960).  Upload all documents to IES. The FCRC shall process all appeal request submitted and shall not make a determination as to the appropriateness or timeliness of the appeal request.  Write SANCTION on TANF sanction appeals for expedited processing. Do not mail the customer's written statement of appeal or completed Form IL444-0103 to BAH.  Another Department office or agent that receives a customer's request for an appeal must also forward it to BAH within text revised 2 workdays.
  4. (FCRC) Immediately determine if the customer is entitled to continued benefits during the appeal process and restore assistance, if appropriate, unless the customer states he or she does not want continued benefits. Do not continue child care benefits.
  5. (BAH) If the customer request an appeal using the toll free number, BAH registers the appeal.  Sends FCRC information on all appeal requests received directly from a customer's/representative's ABE Appeal Portal (https://abe.illinois.gov/abe/access/appeals), telephone, fax, or mail. Sends BCCD information on child care appeals. Forwards HFS appeals to HFS Fair Hearings Section.