Final Phase of Case Transfers to Medical Management Unit (MMU) 155

Illinois Department of Human Services


Action Memo

  • On 07/25/17, an Action Memo was sent out to staff to inform them that certain active medical only cases in Family Health Plans and ACA Adult/Former Foster Care would be centrally transferred from the Family Community Resource Centers (FCRCs) to the new office Medical Management Unit (MMU), office 155, beginning 07/25/17, with a completion date of 08/02/17. 
  • The cases were not all able to be transferred at that time.  Therefore, the final phase of the medical only cases that are transferring from FCRC's 010 through 053/114, and 065/115 to the Medical Management Unit, will be completed in three waves beginning 10/03/17 through 10/06/17. 
  • It is important that the caseworkers do not attempt to transfer any active case from one office to another during 10/03/17 through 10/06/17.
  • Updated contact information for the two offices that comprise the Medical Management Unit (MMU) 155 is provided.

To streamline the maintenance of medical only cases and more effectively manage the redeterminations once the contract with Maximus ends, a new office, the Medical Management Unit (MMU) Office 155, was created out of the Hunter and Broadway offices. The Hunter and Broadway offices and their respective staff did not move, but will work together under the office name of the Medical Management Unit (MMU), Office 155.

Special Worker Instructions

See the list of Types of Cases Being Transferred. Do not transfer these cases between 10/03/17 and 10/06/17. Excluded cases can be transferred between 10/03/17 and 10/06/17.

Types of Cases Being Transferred

Medical only cases in Family Health Plans and ACA Adult/Former Foster Care (categories 94/96) will be centrally transferred from the FCRCs to the new Medical Management Unit office 155. These case types are:

Family Assist and Medical Extension;

FamilyCare Assist;

Moms & Babies;

All Kids Assist, including Ribicoff cases (category 94-R);

ACA Adult; and

Former Foster Care.

Excluded Cases

These cases will be excluded from the central case transfer:

All Kids Share/Premium;

Any medical case containing SNAP;

Medical cases with separate 08 cases;

Category 94 cases in offices: 194, 195, 197, 198, 220, 238;

All category 91, 92, 93 cases;

All cash assistance cases;

All SNAP only cases;

All Long Term Care cases in offices 200, 244, 163; and

All category 00/90 cases.

Central Transfer Actions

On the night of 10/03/17, the first of three waves of active cases by FCRC will be centrally transferred from the FCRC to the new office, Medical Management Unit (155). This wave will include 25 FCRCs. The transfer actions should be completed by 10/06/17.

Contact information

Medical Management Unit (Formerly Homewood IMRP)

1055 W. 175th Street Suite 201

Homewood, IL 60430

Phone (708) 957-8352

Fax (708) 957-8002

Medical Management Unit (Formerly Hunter IMRP)

527 S. Wells

Chicago, IL 60607

Phone (312) 793-2152

Fax (312) 793-2153

[signature on file]

James T. Dimas

Secretary, Illinois Department of Human Services