Clay County FCRC (022) Consolidation with Richland County FCRC (088)

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  • To improve the delivery of services and increase cost effectiveness, the Clay County FCRC (022) will be consolidating with the Richland County FCRC (088).
  • In September of 2013, the Clay County FCRC cases were transferred to the Richland County FCRC office. However, the staff remained in the Clay County office to continue to assist with the needs of the clients from this FCRC.
  • Effective 09/29/17, the Clay County FCRC office will be closed, and the staff will be moved to the Richland County FCRC.

A Client Notice will be sent to any client of Richland County that had a residence code of Clay County (022). Although all clients cases were transferred to Richland County in 2013, the clients were still able to see a caseworker at the Clay County FCRC. This notice will explain that effective 09/29/17, they will need to contact the Richland County FCRC to have assistance with their case.

The address of the Richland County FCRC is: 1406 Martin Street, Olney, Illinois. The phone number is (618)392-3151, fax is (618)392-3623, and Nextalk is (866)740-3932.

Copies of CN 17.08 (pdf) and CN 17.08S (pdf) are attached.

[signed copy on file]

James T. Dimas

Secretary, Illinois Department of Human Services