Actions to Take On Cases Transferred to MMU Office 155

IL Department of Human Services


Action Memo

On 7/25/17 approximately 90,000 medical cases were transferred to the newly created Medical Management Unit (155). FCRCs 010 through 053/114,and 065/115 were affected.

If the FCRC took an action on a case on 7/25/17 that met the criteria for the transfer to the MMU, the action did not process and a batch report should have been sent.


If there is pending work (1721s, 267s, PAL Codes, additions, deletions) on the medical cases that were transferred to Office 155, the FCRC will need to process a transfer-in action, make the change, and transfer the case back to Office 155.

If you receive SNAP applications that should be processed on a medical case currently active under County 155, process a transfer-in action and process the SNAP application.

Transitional SNAP benefits were auto-deleted from medical cases during this transaction. FCRCs should transfer-in the medical and add TSNAP to the case. FCRCs should retain the case. TSNAP will not be deleted on central changes beginning 7/26/17. A list of cases that were deleted will be provided to each region.

There will be two more transfers that will take place. The first transfer will be August 8 for Offices 066 through 108. The second transfer will be August 10 for Offices 109 through 243 and 180. FCRCs should not make changes to cases that meet the criteria for Office 155 on these dates.

Office 155 will only be able to process in IPACS until further notice.

Each region will be responsible for keeping records of cases that will return to Office 155. Additional information will be forthcoming.

For questions contact: Terri Vaniter 217-782-1239.

[signed copy on file]

James T. Dimas

Secretary, Illinois Department of Human Services