Please utilize the information below to create your IDHS GATA Budgets in the CSA Tracking System and for any Budgeting assistance that you may need.

GATA Budget Troubleshooting

Please see the GATA Budget Manual.  The Manual was updated 1/1/24.

The system only requires one signature.  Only the Executive Director or equivalent is required to sign the budget.  An email is not sent to your executives. You will need to let them know the budget is ready for approval.

If you are trying to approve a budget and the "Executive Director or Equivalent Sign" button is not available, please check the status of your budget. If it says "Work in Progress," you need to click on the "Submit to Executives" button.

If you have the message "WARNING: User not authorized to view this page. Please contact Office of Contract Administration for further assistance," you do not have budget signoff authority. Process for adding GATA Budget Signoff Authority.

For questions regarding your GATA Budget in the CSA Tracking System, please contact your DHS Program or Division contact person.