MR #17.10: Cost to Copy Case Material

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  • When a client or approved representative request copies of case record material, the charge is .10 cents per page.  Send money collected for copies to IDHS Cash Management Unit.
  • If requested copies are for a pending Cash or SNAP appeal hearing, the copies shall be provided at no cost.

Cost to Copy Case Material

Make copies of case record material at the client's or approved representative's request.  The cost for copies is .10 cents per page.  Money collected for copies should be sent to:

IDHS , Cash Management Unit,

100 S Grand Ave E - 1st Floor,

Springfield, IL 62762

Copies of Case Record Material for a TANF or SNAP Appeal

If the material is for SNAP or Cash appeal, copies shall be provided at no cost if requested by the appellant.

Manual Revisions

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James T. Dimas

Secretary, Illinois Department of Human Services