01.03.10 - CCAP Protective Services Child Care (PSCC)

Effective Date: 09/30/2016

Revisions: 11/01/18, 12/1/18, 06/18/2019, 07/01/2022

Reference: CCAP Protective Services Child Care (CCAP-PSCC) 45 CFR § 98.2 Definitions; 45 CFR § 98.46 Priority for Child Care Services; 45 CFR § 98.51 Subpart F, Services for Children Experiencing Homelessness.

Cross Reference: 01.03.01 - Two-Parent Household; 02.02.03 - Notification Eligibility Determination; and  01.01.01 - Residence

Policy Statement:

IDHS has established categories of Protective Services Child Care (PSCC) for eligible families in need of Child Care Services. These categories have been identified for families that are eligible to receive Child Care service through the DHS Child Care Assistance Program Protective Services Child Care (CCAP-PSCC). Special provisions to CCAP policy have been made for the following families:

  • children and families experiencing Homelessness;
  • DCFS Intact Family Service Cases;
  • parenting youth in care of the Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS);
  • families receiving extended family services program supports through IDCFS; and
  • families in which a parent in the household is called into active military duty.