LIGAS "Hold" Category


This Informational Bulletin is notifying Independent Service Coordination (ISC) agencies of a new process for individuals that have been selected for community services or who live in an ICF/DD and indicated a desire for community services but have, for reasons specified, not been progressing toward those services.

Process and Procedure

To date, PUNS selections under the Ligas decree have offered services to individuals who have identified their needs as either in the emergency or critical categories. Therefore, it is assumed that these individuals are in need of services within one year. It is with these self-reported needs in mind that the following criteria are proposed.

When individuals on the PUNS list are selected for services (the "Ligas Services List"), both the individual/guardian and ISC Agency are notified of the PUNS selection and advised to contact the other to begin the process of securing Community-Based Services. The Class Member or his or her guardian is required to complete an application within 6 months of the mailing of the PUNS selection letter. Extensions of time are provided upon request with good cause shown and a demonstration that efforts to obtain services have been made as noted below.

For individuals who do not complete the process for placement and receipt of services once selected from the PUNS list or for confirmed ICF/DD class members that are not progressing toward services, their cases may be placed on "hold" on the Ligas Services List.

Individuals may be placed in the "hold" category for the following reasons:

  • Seeking services from particular provider(s);
  • Awaiting opportunity to move with particular peers;
  • Inability to decide on a provider;
  • Deciding between home-based and CILA services;
  • Determining whether to proceed with waiver services;
  • To allow time to address medical or personal matters (including but not limited to rehabilitation, medical procedures, family emergencies or other matters that may delay decisions as to services);
  • Other reasons with approval from DDD.

Individuals placed in the "hold" category will not receive continued placement services but will not forfeit their Ligas Services selection or PUNS status. Rather, individuals and/or guardians in the "hold" category will be contacted by their ISC Agency once every 6 months for a period of two years. During that two year period, the individual/guardian may at any time elect to proceed with obtaining waiver services based on their Ligas PUNS selection by contacting either DDD or the ISC Agency. After 18 months of being placed into the "hold" category, the DDD will issue written notice to the individual or guardian that the individual's Ligas selection letter will be forfeited if no action is taken within six months.

If the two-year period expires with no further activity in furtherance of placement, the individual's Ligas selection letter will be forfeited. However, in the event that the individual/guardian elects to continue the placement process within the two-year period, the individual/guardian must continue to engage with the ISC Agency in furtherance of community placement in order to remain on the active Ligas Services List.

Attached is a form with accompanying instructions for use by Independent Service Coordination (ISC) agencies.

Instruction for use of the form are here: Hold Category Ligas Instructions (pdf)

DRAFT Form can be found here: Hold Category Ligas Form Final (pdf)

Effective Date

This Bulletin is effective immediately upon being posted as Final.


DDD is seeking review and comment of the draft Ligas "Hold" Category and instructions. Please submit all comments to the email address provided: