Workforce and Transaction Summary

FY21 Affirmative Action Plan Workforce and Transaction Summary

  • There are 13,068 employees statewide employed with the Illinois Department of Human Services. Of the workforce, 4,771 or 37% are Blacks or African Americans, 1,363 or 10% are Hispanics or Latinos, 627 or 5% are Asians and 53 or 0% (.41%) are American Indian or Alaskan Native. Additionally, 823 or 6% are employees with disabilities and 9,104 or 70% are Females
  • There were 1,667 new non-veteran hires and 126 new veteran hires or a total of 1,791 hires. Of those hires 708 or 40% were Blacks or African Americans, 183 or 10% were Hispanics or Latinos, and 56 or 3% were Asians. Additionally, 46 or 3% of hires were persons with disabilities and 1,223 or 68% were Females.
  • There were 751 promotions. Of those promoted, 305 or 41% were Blacks or African Americans, 47 or 6% were Hispanics or Latinos, and 20 or 3% were Asians. Additionally, 44 or 6% of promotions were persons with disabilities and 501 or 67% were Females.

IDHS utilizes Department of Central Management Services Personnel Code employment recruiting guidelines. The success of IDHS' employment of underutilized minorities is based on limited opportunities to make decisions independent of factors such as bargaining unit considerations or veteran's preference and rarely given the opportunity to utilize the open competitive list. IDHS is open to methods and external recommendations to increase targeted hiring and recruitment.

IDHS' new administration has been instrumental in their commitment to being involved with IDHS recruitment efforts. Discussions center around where IDHS needs to make improvements in addressing the need for a more diversified workforce that better meets the needs of the Agency and customers served. And the need to improve IDHS' performance in achieving underutilization goals is a priority. Educating minority populations on navigating the State of Illinois hiring process is key to understanding what is needed to become employed in State government. IDHS

IDHS utilizes, and Handshake (a platform used by colleges) to post job offerings online in addition to posting positions through IDHS' Facebook, Twitter, and the Illinois Department of Central Management Services Work4 Illinois website. IDHS also shares IDHS job opportunities with the African American, Asian American, Hispanic, and the Native American Employment Plan Council members for them to share with their colleges, constituents, and others who might be interested.

IDHS is planning to take a closer look at it's Family Community Resource Centers to determine what the predominant language services are being used to consider what reasonable next steps should be taken to ensure meaningful access for Limited English Proficient (LEP) persons to services, programs and activities across the state.

IDHS also plans to conduct staff and patient census reports at the Agencies 24/7 facilities/centers to determine race/bilingual, staff/patient to get a better idea of the current need for additional bilingual staff.

IDHS shall reconvene the Diversity Recruitment Task Force that had been established at the beginning of 2020 to continue its efforts to delve deeper into the best ways to increase targeted minority recruitment, hiring, and promotions. This group will also look at ways to ensure the retention of staff.

*Numbers and percentages are based on information received by IDHS' Bureau of Civil Affairs.