Heads Up On Housing: 6/16/2016

Assuming Responsibility for Clients (for case turnover)

Providers may need to Resume Responsibility for other case manager's waitlist applicants within their agency's waitlist or transfer applicants to see and work with within their own view. To do so follow these steps:

  1. Go to "View My Clients" on your waitlist dashboard
  2. Select "View My Agency's Clients" button to see all agency clients
  3. Select "Assume Responsibility for Client (s)" button. Checkboxes will appear next to the 'Status' of each client in the list
  4. Checkmark those clients on the waitlist that you would like to appear on your waitlist and that you are resuming the responsibility
  5. Select "Assume Responsibility for Client(s) and refresh your browser

*Congratulations you've reassigned clients to yourself! After you confirm this action, these clients will appear on your "My Clients" page.

Feel free to contact Lore Baker at lore.baker@illinois.gov or Alexis DeWeese at alexis.deweese@illinois.gov to request guidance and information on how to access and use the PAIR module, Section 811 PRA waitlist, SRN waitlist or ILHousingSearch.org.

Service Provider Tip: #1

We have a comprehensive user guide for the SRN and Section 811 PAIR module that you can use to help yourself navigate through the SRN wait list and PAIR module. If you simply need a refresher or are a new user, please select the "Help" button after longing into to your caseworker portal and click the blue, highlighted and underlined link that says, "Illinois PAIR Caseworker Portal User Guide [PDF 2.3MB] Feel free to share!

Service Provider Tip #2:

Summer is a great time to help find housing. Use the SRN, Section 811 PAIR module or the ILHousingSearch.org locator to find a place that's right for those that you serve. We have multiple 55+ and 62+ units with central air and other amenities just right for Seniors applicants also. Be sure to click on the link included in the 'Notice of Availability' sent to your waitlist applicant to view the details of the unit that is being offered. We've designed the SRN and Section 811 so that they get to choose where, what and how they want to live.

Oak Park Housing Authority Non Elderly Disabled (NED) Housing Choice Vouchers (HCV) are still available! Please email Lore.Baker@illinois.gov or Alexis. DeWeese@illinois.gov for an application or more information!

Below are Statewide Referral Network (SRN) units that are currently available. These units don't have persons on our online waiting list or pre-screening, assessment, intake and referral (pair) module that have selected to live in these communities and fit the criteria.

These aren't the only SRN units available, just the units that don't currently have active referrals. In order for your consumers to have access to all of the available SRN units every month, they have to be entered into the PAIR module or waiting list.

Have a Happy and Safe Fourth of July Celebration! ?