Questions and Answers Technical Assistance Technical Assistance, Evaluation, Resource Development - Employment First (17-444-24-0836-05)

Question:  We are extremely interested in the funding opportunity entitled "Technical Assistance, Evaluation, Resource Development - Employment First." Under Section C of the funding opportunity, it states that "All public, private or not-for-profit community-based agencies are eligible to apply for funds under this Request for Applications. The funding opportunity is not limited to entities who are currently organized and located in the State of Illinois, nor is it limited to entities who currently have a contractual arrangement with the Illinois Department of Human Services." However, our agency is a for-profit entity. For clarification purposes, is this project only eligible to public, private, or not-for-profit community based organizations such as nonprofits?

Answer: We are not aware of any restrictions or prohibitions to for profit entities applying for our NOFOs.

Question: Under "f-ii" it reads: Commit to providing subject matter expert(s) to support the successful applicants for the Job Placement NOFO through ongoing technical assistance during the grant period.

We understand that the project correlates to the NOFO Grant17-444-24-0836-04, but who is funding the subject matter experts' time? How will we determine in advance the type of technical assistance that will be needed?

Answer:  The subject matter experts' time would be funded by this grant. We are asking that the successful applicant for this NOFO provide some technical assistance, as described in the NOFO, to the 8 to 10 vendors selected under NOFO Grant 17-444-24-0836-04. The funds for this would come from the $200,000. It is our hope the successful applicant for this NOFO will have some expectations from past experience on the type of assistance that will be required and will be able to draw upon existing resources to respond to the need.

Question: Under "f-iii" it reads: Maintain at least monthly communication with each successful applicant for the Job Placement NOFO.  How are you defining monthly communication - an email? For clarification purposes, is it your expectation that the Subject Matter Expert or applicant check in with the successful applicant from the Job Placement NOFO?

Answer:  Yes, we would expect the SME to check in with each of the 8 to 10 vendors from the Job Placement NOFO. Monthly communication can include e-mail contact, teleconferences and phone calls, video conferencing, webinars, etc.-whatever form of communication is most effective for the SME and job placement vendor.

Question:  Under bullet #2 in the application procedure section, it states "The project narrative must be typed, double-spaced, on one side of the page, with 1-inch margins on all sides. The project narrative must not exceed the specific page limits outlined in this RFA." What is the page limit?

Answer:  There are no page limit restrictions.