Provider Records

Rejection Codes

Code Description
01 Invalid or Missing Entry Provider
02 Invalid Action Code
03 Invalid or Missing Provider ID
04 Provider ID Suffix Allowed for MH HBS and Bogard Services Only
05 Invalid DHS Provider ID
06 Invalid Effective Date
07 Effective Date Cannot Be After Termination Date
08 Invalid Termination Date
09 Invalid Provider Name
10 Invalid Provider Address
11 Invalid Provider City
12 Invalid State Abbreviation
13 Invalid Provider Zip Code
15 Invalid Provider Phone Number
16 Invalid County Code
17 Invalid Township/Community Area
18 Invalid Combination of County Code and Township Area
20 Bills Exist Before or After Start/Termination Date
21 Invalid Provider Type
22 Invalid Taxpayer ID Type - Must be in the Range of 01-06
23 Invalid Operator Type
24 Warrant Information Must be Entered
25 Need Either Complete or Blank Warrant Information