PM 06-27-01-c Ongoing Eligibility

WAG 06-27-01-c


In IES, use Maintain Application/Search Application to search for and select the DCFS case to update.  Case changes may include changes or corrections to the following information:

  • Address;
  • Name;
  • Gender;
  • Date of birth;
  • Social Security Number (SSN);
  • Verification source;
  • DCFS ID number;
  • Title IV-E eligibility and date determined;
  • Medicaid eligibility;
  • DCFS category;
  • State of residence when placed out of state; and
  • Eligibility Dates.

Effective Date of Change for Active DCFS Cases

Some changes require a new effective date. Enter the effective date of change in the Eligibility Begin Date field on the DCFS Eligibility Details screen in IES. IES edits will not permit a future date. Do not enter a date in the End Eligibility Date field.  Refer to the table in WAG 06-27-01-c to determine if the Effective Begin Date is required. 

Medicaid Redetermination Process

An eligibility review for Medicaid is required once every 12 months. The REDE is not reported in IES.  Children determined eligible under Title IV-E are deemed Medicaid eligible.