WAG 06-27-01-c On-Going Eligibility

PM 06-27-01-c


Effective Begin Date for Updates

Update the Effective Begin Date on the DCFS Eligibility Details screen in IES for changes as described in the table below. Multiple changes can be made in one transaction. However, limit the number of transactions to one per day.

Type of Change Update IES Screen Effective Begin Date
Change of Child's Name Register Application-Details Not needed
Address Address Not needed
Child's Gender, Date of Birth, SSN, Race/Ethnicity Register Individual-Individual Not needed
Verification Status of SSN, Citizenship/Immigration, State of Residence DCFS Individuals-Details Not needed
DCFS ID DCFS Individuals-Details Not needed
IV-E Eligibility DCFS Eligibility Details Not needed
DCFS Medical Category (Foster Care, KinGap, Adoption Assistance, etc.) DCFS Eligibility Details Enter
Medicaid Eligibility (changing between yes and no) DCFS Eligibility Details Enter
Out of state placement DCFS Eligibility Details Enter

Do not enter an Eligibility End Date unless terminating DCFS medical. Refer to PM 06-27-05 for information on ending medical eligibility for a DCFS child/youth.

After the initial authorization of medical coverage, determine the child/youth's Medicaid eligibility. Redetermine Medicaid eligibility once every 12 months. Refer to PM 06-27-02 and PM 06-27-03 for information on determining Medicaid eligibility for a DCFS child/youth.

Example: Ben is in Foster Care since January 3rd. On March 22nd, Ben's status changes to KinGap. In the DCFS Eligibility Details screen, update the DCFS category to KinGap and enter the Begin Eligibility Date for March 22nd. Do not enter an End Eligibility Date.

Example: Daph is in Foster Care since June 15th. On November 18th, Daph's status changes to KinGap and an out of state placement (Interstate Compact on Adoption and Medical Assistance (ICAMA)). Daph is living in Hawaii with her grandmother. In the IES DCFS Eligibility Details screen, DCFS staff update the DCFS category to KinGap, enter the Begin Eligibility Date for November 18th and enter Hawaii as the state of residence and update the Medicaid question to No.

Example: Jon is in Foster Care since April 10th. His date of birth was originally entered as 12/14/2014. The correct date of birth is 12/12/2014. An Effective Begin Date is not required for this change.