PM 18-05-07-a: Adding a Person to Medical Extension

WAG 18-05-07-a

Any person who meets the nonfinancial requirements to be included in a TANF or Family Assist EDG on the IES case can be added to Medical Extension New Text(ME). A signed request, via ABE "Manage My Case" or Form 243, is required to add a person to ME.

New TextReinstating Adults Medical Coverage Closed During the Medical Extension Process

An adult who lost eligibility due to not returning a quarterly review form can be added back to Revised Textmedical extension if:

  • they still meet the ME program criteria listed in PM 18-05-06;
  • Revised Textthe first quarter HFS 3361 is received prior to the last day of the 5th month of the ME certification period or is bypassed (see PM 18-05-07-b); and
  • Revised Textthe second quarter HFS 3361 is received prior to the end of the ninth month of the ME certification period.

New TextExample: ME certification period is January through December. The second quarterly report is due by 7/15/2020. Mrs. Evans failed to return the quarterly report timely, and her ME benefits are closed effective 08/2020. Mrs. Evans submits the signed report which is received on 9/20/2020 and recorded in IES. Mrs. Evans may be eligible to be added back to the medical extension case and resume receiving benefits as long as she still meets the ME program criteria listed in PM 18-05-07-b.

Revised TextNote: The HFS 3361 must be signed and include the requested information.

New Text3361 - Redetermination Form (Medical Extension Cases) task is created and placed in the 'Changes/Misc' Queue when the second quarter HFS 3361 is received in this scenario.