MR #16.18: Policy Citations for Decisions on Medical Eligibility

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Effective with the implementation of the Integrated Eligibility System (IES), the policy citations for certain denial and cancelation reasons for medical benefits are streamlined. When an individual is denied or found ineligible for medical benefits due to excess income, the policy citation on the Notice of Decision Form 360C will be PM I-03.  This policy reference is in the Introduction section of the cash, SNAP and medical policy manual. PM I-03 lists all of the medical programs offered by Healthcare and Family Services (HFS).  Each program description includes links to the various chapters that describe the programs and the income and resource limits in greater detail.


[signed copy on file]

James T. Dimas

Secretary, Illinois Department of Human Services

Felicia F. Norwood

Director, Illinois Department of HealthCare and Family Services

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