PM 19-02-04-c Processing the REDE in IES

WAG 19-02-04-c

The REDE is processed by either IES or the worker. If no response is made by the individual for an auto-REDE, IES will certify the result at cutoff in the last month of the certification period. The worker is responsible for certifying the case in IES for manual REDEs and certifying the case for auto-REDEs requiring a change. The worker can update IES at any point following the initiation of the auto-REDE process. 

Responding to a Change for an Auto-REDE Case

new text If a customer reports a change or disagrees with the information listed on Form 2381A (auto-REDE), do not require the customer to complete a redetermination form.The worker updates data collection/case change with the new information. IES will generate the form Verification Checklist (VCL) if verification is required.

When the verification is received, go to data collection/case change and update the case. Certify the result in IES. If the updated information results in ineligibility for medical benefits, IES will generate a 360C to notify the customer of the change.

Auto-REDE Medical Household Receives SNAP and/or Cash Assistance

new text Regardless of whether the medical household receives the auto-REDE or the manual REDE forms, if they are also receiving SNAP and/or TANF or AABD cash assistance, they must complete the manual REDE process described in PM 19-02-01, PM 19-02-03 or PM 19-07-00. Households receiving TANF or AABD cash assistance must complete a face to face interview and 1893 SNAP and/or Cash Redetermination Form. Households receiving SNAP must complete a face to face or phone interview and Form 1893 SNAP and/or Cash Redetermination.

Verified Income is Different for SNAP/Cash than for Medical

new text If AWVS is the source of electronic earnings verification used for the auto-REDE for the medical case, additional verification will be required for SNAP and cash. AWVS is not considered acceptable proof of earnings for SNAP or cash.

When a customer receives the auto-REDE notice for medical, if the electronic source of earnings is AWVS, it may not be used for a SNAP budget. IES will not permit certification of the medical EDG if income is different between the two programs. When the income is verified for SNAP, take the case out of auto-REDE mode by going into data collection/change, update the income and certify the change.

If the income is not verified for SNAP by the due date, the SNAP benefits end. No further update is needed for medical.

A child is not guaranteed continuous eligibility coverage in the medical program indicated on the Auto-REDE 2381A notice if income verified for the SNAP or cash REDE is at a level that changes the child's eligibility. Income verified for medical, cash and SNAP must be consistent in IES to certify eligibility.

Responding to a Manual REDE

new text Upon receipt of the completed manual REDE, update data collection, run eligibility and certify the result in IES to process the REDE.

Workers must update IES and certify manual REDE cases by cutoff.