PM 19-08-00: Batch Actions in IES

WAG 19-08-00

In Revised Text.the Integrated Eligibility System (IES), there are certain circumstances when Mass Changes are applied to cases and IES automatically reruns eligibility, processes and certifies changes, or generates tasks based on batch action triggers for SNAP, cash and medical programs.

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Revised Text.Most PAL codes are replaced by batch actions in IES. See PM 19-06-00 for information about PAL codes. See WAG 19-08-00 for a description of Batch Actions in IES.

Case in Change or REDE Mode

When a case is placed in change mode or REDE mode, batch actions (with the exception of closure of SNAP due to lack of recertification) will not be processed. A case can be put in change or REDE mode through a worker action from the Initiate Data Collection screen only.

It is important for workers to complete and certify a change the same day that it is started whenever possible to prevent the case from being skipped for a mass change. However, if a case pends due to a VCL (Form 267) request, the change or REDE action will not be able to be certified on the same day that the action is opened. In that situation, IES will apply the Batch Action trigger to the case when the change or REDE action is certified.