April 14, 2016 - Quality Care Board Meeting


April 14, 2016

2:00 P.M.



Susan Keegan, Chairperson; Michael McCotter, Inspector General; William Diggins; Deputy Inspector General; Thane Dykstra; Neil Posner; Mark Kraus; Kelly Ohzourk; Pamela Oller; Christina Stearns


Neil Posner stated he spoke to Senator Chris Nybo regarding appointments to the board. Senator Nybo requested names the board would like to submit and he will provide the names to the Governor's office. Chairperson Keegan stated she was unable to get ahold of the Governor's office to discuss the appointments of board members. Neil Posner stated he has two individuals to submit: Mary Jacobs, she is a parent of a developmentally disabled daughter that resides in a residential facility; she meets the statutory requirements as a potential board member; and Cyndi Trostin, she is an attorney that works with special needs trusts. At least three names are needed for submission of possible candidates of serving on the Quality Care Board. Neil Posner asked the board members to provide possible candidate names for appointment to the Quality Care Board and he will pass onto Senator Nybo. Once Neil Posner has the list of names to submit to Senator Nybo he will share the list with the board members. Chairperson Keegan stated the deadline to submit candidate names is April 22, 2016.


QCB meeting was called to order at 2:09 p.m. without a quorum. Since there is not a quorum the board cannot approve or ratify the February 2016 minutes and September 2015 minutes.


Chairperson Keegan asked for additions and/or correction to the February minutes. No corrections and/or additions made. Chairperson Keegan asked for a motion to provisionally approve the February minutes.

Motion to provisionally approve February 2016 minutes - Neil Posner

Motion Seconded - Thane Dykstra

All in favor

Motion Carried to provisionally approve February 2016 minutes


  • Inspector General McCotter reminded members of the expired terms (all have expired except for Neil Posner) and the terms need to be renewed.
  • Inspector General McCotter reported on the current status of OIG personnel:
    • Hired twelve new investigators and Deputy Inspector General Diggins is actively monitoring their progress. IG and DIG are very satisfied with the new hires.
    • Office is still in the process of hiring administrative personnel. New hire in the Springfield Administrative Office, Christina Stearns as the Office Coordinator.
    • The investigators are actively completing the older cases.
    • The new investigators have taken on some of the caseloads and it has relieved some of the load off the other investigators.
    • Hope to have manageable numbers of caseloads by end of calendar year.
  • The OIG has received extensive Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests on various cases, QCB minutes, and specific agencies; most recently (this week) received fourteen new requests.
    • Chairperson Keegan requested the board receive a copy of the FOIA requests and the response documents for said FOIA. Stated it is important for the Board to be aware of what is being requested. Inspector General McCotter stated the information will be provided to the board members. Mark Kraus will send redacted FOIA copies to board. Chairperson Keegan requested if further FOIA requests come through as a result of the already requested FOIA's, a special meeting can be held to discuss. All in agreement.
    • Inspector General McCotter informed all that the DHS FOIA Officer is handling the FOIA requests. Deputy Inspector General Diggins stated the OIG is responding to the FOIA requests quickly.
    • Chairperson Keegan inquired as to what the requestor is seeking: funding problems etc. Inspector General McCotter stated he is not sure what the requestor is seeking. However, the investigations for the requested cases are solid cases.
    • Chairperson Keegan would like to contact DHS General Counsel, Fred Flather. Pamela Oller is to provide Fred Flather's contact information to Chairperson Keegan.
    • Thane Dykstra stated maybe the FOIA's are due to the staffing crisis. Deputy Inspector General Diggins stated it is not clear to the reason of the FOIA requests due to the large range of information being requested.


  • Kelly Ohzourk, ISI-II, presented on New Investigator Training. A copy of the power point was provided for the meeting. Kelly Ohzourk explained the steps of the training as it pertains to the positions being trained. Power Points and OIG Directives are the materials used for training new employees in the classroom setting.
  • Both the classroom and field training are critical components of training a new investigator. Field trainers consist of experienced investigators and team leaders.
  • Chairperson Keegan inquired about the need of further training (outside of the allotted 3 weeks given by the trainers). Kelly Ohzourk stated additional training is at the discretion of the trainer. If the trainer feels the individual requires further training, then it is provided.
  • An informal evaluation is done on all classroom training by the trainers and sent to the Bureau Chiefs and Team Leaders.
  • Thane Dykstra - Inquired if any investigator could be a trainer for new investigators. Kelly Ohzourk stated specific criteria are required to become an ISI trainer. A Bureau Chief would know the specific criteria required to become a trainer.
  • It is the overall census this training is working well for new hires.
  • Thane Dykstra expressed interest in sitting in on a training session. Board was pleased with the presentation, felt it was very informative.


Chairperson Keegan inquired if there were cases to review during today's meeting. Inspector General McCotter did not realize they had completed their review of the previous cases. Inspector General McCotter stated additional cases will be available for review and discussion at the next board meeting. Mark Kraus will send the board members five physical abuse cases before the next scheduled meeting.


Board members would like to sit in on a portion of the investigator training to have a better understanding of the process. Inspector General McCotter stated OIG has two ISI II vacancies that have not been posted for hire. Once they are filled, a training session will be scheduled. The Board will be notified at that time.


  • Thane Dykstra reported the Chicago Tribune ran an article about community providers recruiting staff and a lot of overtime being accumulated, this is concerning. As a member of the statewide crisis network, he recently attended a conference. The providers expressed concern of not having the additional staff for add-ons and the affect it has on an OIG investigation.
  • Deputy Inspector General Diggins stated with an emergency placement, the OIG understands the concern with an investigation regarding such situations. Stated the OIG did not have a good understanding of the 1:1 ratio. Since OIG has done training and received clarification of expectations from the divisions, the investigations are better focused on the true expectations. Thane Dykstra commented he is pleased to hear the OIG understands the difference.


Thane Dykstra reported there was a new Investigator indicating that mental abuse could be placed on registry. Inspector General McCotter and Deputy Inspector General Diggins both stated this was incorrect information. Deputy Inspector General Diggins indicated if there is any question about an investigator's interpretation, they receive further training in those areas. The goal is to make all investigators very well informed of the Rule 50 guidelines. Thane Dykstra was concerned there was a change to the guidelines and he was not aware. Inspector General McCotter reiterated the investigator misspoke.


Chairperson Keegan reminded the board to complete their economic reporting statement, send to the Illinois Secretary of State and send a copy of the confirmation they receive (after submitting the form) to Pamela Oller.


  • Mark Kraus reminded the board to complete their Ethics Training.
  • Next scheduled QCB meeting is June 9, 2016 - possibly held at in Springfield, Illinois.


  • Chairperson Keegan asked for a motion to Adjourn.
  • Motion to Adourn - Neil Posner
  • Motion Seconded - Thane Dykstra
  • Meeting Adjourned at 3:08 p.m.