September 15, 2015 - Quality Care Board Meeting


(Minutes Recorded)

September 15, 2015

12:20 p.m. - 12:47 p.m.


Present: Susan Keegan, Chairperson; Thane Dykstra; Untress Quinn; Neil Posner; Michael McCotter, Inspector General; William Diggins, Acting Deputy Inspector General and Louise Branick.

1. Approval of Minutes 

 March 24, 2015 Meeting Minutes

Chairperson Keegan received an e-mail from Neil Posner approving March 24, 2015 minutes. Neil Posner provided a verbal approval of the minutes today.

Motion to Approve - Thane Dykstra

Motion Seconded - Untress Quinn

All in Favor

Minutes Approved

June 16, 2015 Meeting Minutes

Motion to Approve - Neil Posner

Motion Seconded - Thane Dykstra

All in Favor

Minutes Approved

2. Status of Governor Appointments to the Board

Thane Dykstra and Untress Quinn both stated that they will submit their letters to Chairperson Keegan on their continued interest to remain on the board along with their resumes.

Chairperson Keegan stated she is still awaiting a response back from the Governor's office. She suggested that she and IG McCotter should try to schedule a meeting with the Governor's office to discuss the Boards reappointments and concerns of the Office of the Inspector General. The Board approved and seconded this suggestion. IG McCotter stated that he would contact the Governor's office and attempt to schedule a meeting.

3. Inspector General Report - IG McCotter

IG McCotter stated the state hotels are no longer accepting direct bills for lodging for state employees. Also that travel has been suspended for all of OIG staff because Enterprise car rental is not accepting direct bills either. Because travel has been suspended OIG staff is working from their headquarters completing older cases.

OIG is in the process of hiring several investigators and a computer person. Positions have been posted and some interviews have been conducted. Several of the applicants,

are coming with very little or no investigating experience. IG McCotter explained the hiring process stating that it is rather tedious and that it is part of the AFSCME contract.

As for the two vacant Administrative Assistant II positions there has been a hold on posting them because of them being Rutan exempt. Currently Louise Branick and Kathy Thornburg are assisting with the job duties of the vacant positions; along with contract person Bill Kaesebier. Hopefully one if not both of the positions will be filled prior to the contract expiring. If that happens the contract person will be able to train them in Springfield.

Acting Deputy Inspector General Bill Diggins explained the promotional application process. The promotional application is completed and submitted to CMS for grading. He is not sure of the criterias or how they are set, when grading the promotional applications. Currently there is a delay of receiving the grades, which is about 12 weeks.

When positions are filled, staff will be trained and will only become certified if they make the 4-6 months probationary period and if not they will be sent back to their former position/agency.

4. Outline Timetable for Review of Sample of Case Investigations

Chairperson Keegan stated the importance of the Board continuing to receive the sampling of the redacted case investigations from OIG for review and discussion in the quarterly meetings. The Board should receive five (5) cases for review, one from each of the finding categories.

IG McCotter and DIG Diggins stated that they would ensure that these cases are sent to the Board for review.

5. Schedule 2016 Meetings

 All meeting for 2016 will start at 2:00 p.m. Following are the meetings dates for 2016:

 January 14, 2016; April 14, 2016, *June 9, 2016 and September 8, 2016.

 *Meeting scheduled in June due to vacations taking place in July.

6. Adjournment

 The meeting scheduled for December 15, 2015 was canceled and scheduled to resume in January 2016.

With no further business to discuss and all agenda items covered the meeting adjourned at 12:47 p.m.

Next meeting is scheduled for January 14, 2016 at 2:00 p.m.