February 11, 2016 - Quality Care Board Meeting


February 11, 2016
2:05 p.m. - 2:37 p.m.

PRESENT: Susan Keegan, Chairperson; William Diggins, Deputy Inspector General; Thane Dykstra; Neil Posner; Louise Branick; Pamela Oller

Chairperson Keegan, stated since this meeting does not have a quorum - there can be no action on items. However, review of September minutes is permissible without a quorum and can be provisionally approved.

Neil Posner - Are there potential board members in the cue. Deputy Inspector General Diggins stated not as of yet. Neil Posner offered to assist in finding potential members that meet criteria to be a board member.

Chairperson Keegan has not heard from the governor's office regarding board appointments. Neil Posner inquired if Chairperson Keegan knew the names of potential board members. Chairperson Keegan stated yes. Neil Posner inquired as to the number of vacancies for the board. Louise Branick stated there are three vacancies that do not include the terms that have expired (Susan Keegan, Thane Dykstra, and Untress Lamont). Chairperson Keegan stated a member serves until either they are replaced or resign; the members that terms have expired will remain on the board.

Neil Posner proposed a name and that is one that was submitted to the Governor's office by Chairperson Keegan. Senator Chris Nybo, works next door to Neil Posner. Neil Posner will inquire as to whether or not he can assist with movement of the board member appointments as soon as possible. Neil Posner will try and come up with more candidates.

Chairperson Keegan has submitted names twice to the Governor's office. One of the ladies she recommended (Hailey Zanisewicz) is preoccupied (with preprations for the Special Olympic Games in Rio this summer) at this point and may not be able to serve this term. She would be a great candidate and will keep her in the list of possible board members in the future.

OIG REPORT - DIRECTORS REPORT - Presented by William Diggins, Deputy Inspector General


  • OIG has filled twelve ISI II positions within the last three months (five in December, five in January, and two in February). They are in various degrees of training: Class Training for two weeks and following with Field Training. Goal is by the end of calendar year the additional staff will make a possible influence and help with the current case back log. There are currently two ISI II vacancies.
  • New hires in Administrative Office: Pam Oller, Administrative Assistant II, and Christina Stearns, Office Coordinator. The vacant Administrative Assistant II position in Administrative Office (Bill Kaesebier former position) remains on hold. An Office Associate position (clerical support staff) in Chicagoland has been posted.
  • In the past seven months, three ISI II employees have been terminated for various violations. Agency headcount is close to where it should be. However, if OIG hires a few more individuals it will increase the agency headcount. Secretary-designate James Dimas and Chief of Staff, Greg Bassi, and DHS personnel have been very active in assisting OIG in hiring staff.
  • Chairperson Keegan suggested the possibility of Secretary-designate James Dimas influencing the movement of board appointments. Deputy Inspector General Diggins will reach out to Chief of Staff Bassi. Chairperson Keegan offered to contact him personally. It is important to get members appointed due to the fact of having three vacancies, it is difficult to have a quorum for voting on passing motions.
  • FY15 State Report -Neil Posner stated he reviewed and compared to FY14 report. The organization of FY15 report is very helpful and informative. It reports the volume and the extensiveness of the work at OIG. Shows the regulations and statutes are being followed. The number of cases substantiated vs reports coming in, appears to have a lot of false negatives; which overall demonstrates people are taking reporting seriously.


  • Neil Posner stated after reviewing the case summaries; it is apparent this is a very difficult population to work with. Individuals suffer from serious mental illnesses. Seems neglect cases are more so than abuse cases. Neglect is harder to detect than abuse. Congratulated team that put this report together.
  • Thane Dykstra questioned if mental injury would create an investigation. Deputy Inspector General Diggins stated this type of injury and the nature of this type would be referred to the appropriate agency (IL Department of Public Health or the Illinois State Police). Chairperson Keegan stated there is protocol to follow.
  • Neil Posner inquired as to the definition of mental injury and how they are categorized and/or assigned. Deputy Inspector General Diggins stated it would fall under mental abuse and are handled like other abuse cases.
  • Deputy Inspector General Diggins clarified allegations of abuse encompasses three areas. In the written report it is broken down in specific categories, per Rule 50 definition of abuse.


Chairperson Keegan asked for a motion to provisional approval of September 2015 minutes.

Motion to provisionally approve September 2015 minutes - Neil Posner

Motion Seconded - Thane Dykstra

All in Favor

Motion Carried to provisionally approve September 2015 minutes


  • Chairperson Keegan would like to see the training schedules for new investigators. Interested in the possibility of board members attending the training; to enhance their knowledge of the investigation process. Requesting a copy of the training materials used to also give insight of the investigator duties/responsibilities.

Deputy Inspector General Diggins explained the investigator training is an intense training over two weeks/eight hours a day. He will discuss the board's interest in attending the training session with Inspector General McCotter. Deputy Inspector General Diggins will send a training schedule to members that will show detail of the investigator training. Deputy Inspector General Diggins suggested the possibility of having the trainer attend the next board meeting and present the training materials. Chairperson Keegan agrees with this suggestion.

  • Chairperson Keegan asked for a motion to amend the agenda by adding the Director's Report as the first item of business.

Motion to amend the agenda by adding the Director's Report as the first item of business - Neil Posner

Motion Seconded - Thane Dykstra

All in Favor

Motion Carried to amend the original agenda by adding the Director's Report to the first item of business.


The next Quality Care Board meeting will be scheduled for April 14, 2016, 2 p.m.

Request to have the investigator trainer and materials available at this meeting. Chairperson Keegan will inform everyone if this will be a teleconference call or in person meeting.


Chairperson Keegan asked for a motion to adjourn

Motion to adjourn meeting - Neil Posner

Motion Seconded - Thane Dykstra

All in Favor

Motion carried to adjourn

Meeting adjourned 2:37 pm.