WAG 06-27-01-b DCFS Temporary ID Number

PM 06-27-01-b

DCFS staff who have taken protective custody of a child or returned a child to care from a Home of Parent (HMP) placement are required to call the DCFS Managed Care Provider for a temporary ID number.

To obtain a Temporary ID Number, be prepared to provide the following:

  • Worker name and ID;
  • Child Name, sex and age;
  • Intake/SCR/CYCIS number;
  • Known parent information; and
  • Placement information.

The Temporary ID Number is provided over the phone to the DCFS worker. The hospital provider can verify the temporary ID number with the DCFS Managed Care Provider.

When a child/youth is adopted, the adoptive parents may change the child's name and possibly the child's Social Security Number. Sometimes the change in SSN may happen weeks or months after the adoption. When reported that the SSN has changed, review SOLQ to see if the new SSN can be verified. For privacy purposes, end the child's case with the original RIN and open a case with the new RIN. If the SSN cannot be verified through SOLQ, set a control for 30 days to review.

DCFS closes the existing DCFS case and opens an adoption assistance case. Make sure there is no gap in coverage from the old case to the new case.

Clem is in Foster Care since August 14th. On October 5th, Clem's status changes to Adoption Assistance. Close the Foster Care case and open an adoption assistance case. Enter the Begin Eligibility Date to October 5. Do not enter an End Eligibility Date.

Note: If a RIN has been provided, the Foster Care case must be opened even if the child is returned to the parent.

Annie is taken into protective custody on December 1. Annie has never been issued a RIN in any other case. The investigator obtains a temporary ID number from the DCFS Managed Care Provider. The DCFS Technical Support unit opens a DCFS Foster Care case in Application/Registration. A RIN is generated from IES for Annie when the DCFS worker sets up the DCFS Case.

Isabelle was previously in Foster Care and was adopted on March 6 and her adoptive parents filed with Social Security for a new SSN. Isabelle had a RIN in Foster Care but that RIN is not associated to her adoption case. Isabelle is assigned a new RIN in IES under her new name and new SSN. The worker verifies the new SSN through SOLQ. DCFS closes the Foster Care case and opens an adoption assistance case. Enter the date the adoption was finalized in the Begin Eligibility Date field in IES for the new case.