PM 21-04-09: Health

WAG 21-04-09

For RSP development see PM 02-09-05 for a Work Eligible individual, or PM 02-09-06 for an Exempt individual.

Who may participate in the activity:

Include this activity when the person:

  • attends parenting classes supervised by the FCRC:
    • individual counseling or group sessions to explain the benefits of establishing paternity and obtaining child support for the emotional and financial future of the child;
    • group activities for various purposes, such as helping customers understand the effect of TANF policies (e.g., the 60-month lifetime limit, and Work Pays), providing networking and mutual support opportunities, and inspiring them with personal testimonials from former TANF customers;
    • a forum with information about child care, high school/GED education, short-term training, post-secondary education, and transportation resources presented by professionals in these areas.
  • receives medical treatment for self;
  • obtains medical treatment for family;
  • obtains services for family member with special needs, such as:
    • adoption;
    • respite care;
    • homemaker services;
    • adult day care;
    • Early Intervention;
    • home health care;
    • DRS/DoA personal assistance.

What the activity requires:  

  • Verify compliance as requested.  

It is not necessary to report actual time spent in activities.