PM 21-04-06: Child Support/Financial Resources

WAG 21-04-06

For RSP development see PM 02-09-05 for a Work Eligible individual, or PM 02-09-06 for an Exempt individual.

Who may participate in the activity:

Include this activity when the person:

  • is referred for Child Support Services;
  • is assigned to attend financial management class;
  • is assigned to investigate employment opportunities in the area (not Job Search);
  • is assigned to apply for potentially available benefits.

See policy at PM 01-02-03 and PM 01-02-03-a before assigning application for potentially available benefits as a required activity. If the person is to required to apply for the benefit and does not cooperate without good cause, the penalty is loss of TANF rather than an activity sanction. 

See PM 24-02-02 when assigning cooperation with Child Support Services as a required activity. Noncooperation is subject to Child Support reconciliation and sanction policy rather than the TANF activity sanction process.   

What the activity requires:  

  • Verify compliance as requested.  

It is not necessary to report actual time spent in activities