PM 02-09-05-a-5: RSP - Referred for Barrier Reduction Support Activities

WAG 02-09-05-a-5

This section applies to Work-Eligible individuals who are referred for:

For compliance requirements, see PM 03-13-00.

Work with the provider of services to determine the best plan for the individual. 

Engage the client in Countable activities, unless the treatment provider advises that it is detrimental to the client's treatment plan.

If the treatment provider supervises a Countable activity, include the activity in the RSP to help the case meet its Participation Target.

As long as the individual is following their treatment plan, do not sanction a case solely because the Participation Target is not met. Participation in a required Support activity is a good cause reason for not meeting the case Participation Target. See PM 03-13-04-a.

Mental Health

If a person is consistently unable to meet their Participation Target due to mental health treatment, initiate a Medical Barrier determination. Include this information in the CAU packet. For determination of a Medical Barrier, see PM 03-13-02-b.

Alcohol/Substance Abuse

Department staff identify clients who may have an alcohol or substance abuse problem. If the client is in an HMO, refer the client to the HMO. If the client is not in an HMO, refer the client to a licensed treatment provider.

The HMO or treatment provider determines if the client actually has an alcohol or substance abuse problem and, if so, works with the client to address the problem.