PM 02-09-06-e: RSP - Medically Fragile Technology Dependent Child

WAG 02-09-06-e

For determination of a Medically Fragile Technology Dependent Waiver, see PM 03-13-02-d.

An applicant or customer automatically has a barrier to participation in Countable or Support activities when they have a child living with them who is approved under the Medically Fragile and Technology Dependent (MFTD) Waiver Program. The child receives skilled nursing in the home for a specified number of hours per week, but it is not full-time. Families are called upon to attend physician and therapy appointments, and must fill in for missing nursing shifts. 

Help the applicant or client evaluate the family situation with the recommendations received from the source of medical care and maximize their self-sufficiency alternatives.

Explain the advantages of volunteering for Countable activities (PM 02-09-06). A person who has a waiver child may volunteer to participate in Countable activities, but do not require or pressure them to do so. If they volunteer, their participation does not override or negate the barrier.

When Central Office 238 notifies the FCRC that the parent is no longer caring for a child approved for the waiver, revise the RSP according to the circumstances. Allow the parent the opportunity to request a Family Care Barrier if the child still has chronic medical issues (PM 03-13-02-c).

Suggested Support Activities (PM 21-04-00):

  • Medical/Family Care Services (applying for waiver, medical appointments); 
  • Other Support activities as agreed to.