WAG 03-13-01-d: Holiday Hours

PM 03-13-01-d

new textExample 1: Ms. A reports to her Work Experience site Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Memorial Day falls on Monday, which is not a day she is scheduled to work. Do not enter Holiday Hours under Memorial Day for Ms. A.

Example 2: Mr. B is assigned to Community Service at a food pantry for 4 hours each day of the week. The pantry remains open on Veteran's Day. Mr. B is expected to complete his hours on Veteran's Day. Enter hours as worked, not as Holiday Hours.

Example 3: Ms. C attends an adult GED program for 5 hours on Tuesday and Thursday. The school is closed for Thanksgiving on Thursday. Enter 5 hours as Holiday Hours for Thanksgiving Day. The school is also closed on the Friday after Thanksgiving, but since Ms. C does not normally attend on Friday, do not enter Holiday Hours for that day.