WAG 03-13-02-d: Determination of MFTD Children's Waiver

PM 03-13-02-d

Revised textItem 80 code 331 HCBC identifies each case that contains a waiver child. The code contains the month and year the waiver was approved.

CO 238 enters code 331 on a TANF case when the family has a waiver child in the home. The code stops the counter for everyone on the case (except it doesn't stop a counter over 60). When Item 80 code 331 HCBC is centrally entered, the Item 73 code is also changed to 4 (caring for a waiver child) for the first adult in the case.

An applicant or customer may request a barrier by completing the Request for Status Review (Form 2826).  If the family has not applied for the MFTD waiver, refer them to the Division of Specialized Care for Children (DSCC) at 1-800-322-3722 to apply.