PM 21-02-09: High School/GED Program for Teen Parents

WAG 21-02-09

Secondary school attendance is an education program for teen parents age 19 or younger who have not completed secondary school or received their GED. This education program includes enrollment in a secondary school, a course of study leading to a GED, or basic remedial education.

Participation in distance learning can be counted to the extent that the distance-learning program is directly related to the completion of secondary school or receipt of their GED.

Count one hour of study time for each hour of class attendance.  

Who may participate in the activity:

A person may participate in High School/GED Program for Teen Parents when they are:

  1. under age 20; and
  2. pregnant or a parent of a dependent child; and
  3. do not have a high school diploma or GED.

What the activity requires:

  • The teen parent is (or will be) enrolled full-time as defined by the school, unless a full-time program is not available or appropriate; and
  • The program is accredited under Illinois law, such as community colleges or Illinois State Board of Education adult education providers; and
  • Verification of regular attendance and passing grades is provided as requested.