Questions and Answers About IES

1. How do we check if a client's spend down is met?

A: The client can view their spend down amount in the Healthcare Coverage Details page in Manage My Case (MMC)

2. If a client updates information in the client portal does that information need to be verified?

A: Depends on the information, but they will be prompted to provide verification if the system cannot do so electronically

3. Are there any recommended minimum computer/browser requirements for IES?

A: Currently the State standard is IE 11 and IES supports this and will continue to support the State standard as it changes.Older versions are not recommended.

The computer requirements are such that you should have enough hardware to run the browser and you do need to have virus and internet protection to further secure any sensitive information you access. You will need to complete a Security Privacy and Controls Questionnaire which will need to be submitted and approved before you can access IES.

4. Will the client's appointments be able to link to their calendar?

A: No.

5. Will Area Aging Agencies still be able to look up a client's MCO vs CCP status in PACIS? Currently, we are able to use the F8 keyboard button to view this.

A: You will continue to use PACIS for this function.

6. Is there a maximum number of logins per day?

A: There is no daily limit for logins.

7. Eventually, when HPE is approved and fully implemented, will these apps be processed via IES?


8. Will IES identify case categories like PACIS? For Example, 04 for TANF, 98 for DCFS, etc…

A: No, there will be an individual numeric case number to which multiple programs can be attached. It will not include coding that identifies office or program, however this information will be available in 'plain English' on the Inquiry pages.  

9. How will clients upload documentation?

A: There is a clearly labeled button on the "Case Summary" page of MMC (which is the default landing page) titled "Upload Documents." There is a 3-step process to upload the documents which is clearly outlined in the portal.

10. Will access to Manage My Case be accessible via computer only or via smart phones?

A: Currently it is accessible via smart phones, but the web pages aren't optimized for mobile browsers. There has been some design work completed on a mobile application, but final plans and a launch date have not been identified . We are very early in planning on this app and will be able to provide more details is it becomes available.

11. Will IDHS service provider discontinue use of Mobius?

A: It depends on what reports are being viewed. We are in the process of compiling report lists and some of these reports will be transferred to IES. More information will be shared as we get closer to the launch date for Phase 2 of IES.

12. Is there a cutoff time for usage? (PACIS was available until 7pm)

A: The client facing ABE Portal including Manage My Case and the Provider Portal will be available around the clock. The Worker facing IES page will be available until 7 PM.

13. If you already have an external ID to access the WVS system, would you need to be assigned a new email ID or can you continue to use the existing one?

A: The new WVS will be accessed through IES and as such all WVS users will need to go through the process of registering for IES and following the guidelines covered in the Webinar. We believe existing external IDs will be adequate to utilize in IES but will keep WVS Providers informed if there are new requirements. Stay tuned for more information. We have been working closely with DHS Employment & Training Administrative staff to collect agency and individual user names so that this will be a smooth transition for the contractual agencies working with this program.

14. Will there be a process for registering staff members who live out of State and do not have an Illinois ID?

A: There is already a process to get an ID for out of state personnel. When we get the link up for that process there should be additional information for out of state staff needing to register.

15. Our licensed and certified ACA staff have to do the annual HIPPA and security training as part of their ACA annual re-certification process. Will they have to take these training modules again to be able to access this portal?

A: You will not have to take the training again, but will need to submit certification to show users have completed training prior to being granted access. Additionally you will need to retain records at your agency showing that all staff using IES have attended such training in the event that the State conducts an audit.

16. We are an external agency but housed in an FCRC so we access PACIS through a direct link through the state firewall. Should we enroll as an external or internal user?

A: This depends upon whether you are currently an user in the state system. You will still be an external user and registered as such, but there may be extenuating circumstances with your connection so we will need to review this individually.

17. When will  be available?

A: HIPAA and Security Awareness Training Modules are up and available on the Access page for Non- DHS/FHS Agencies.

The IES Computer Based Tutorials are also available on both the DHS/HFS staff page and the Non-DHS/HFS page.

Specialized work groups that require more individualized training will be scheduled through their work group supervisors.