PM 03-13-01-e: TANF State Participation Rate

WAG 03-13-01-e

new textTo meet the TANF State Work Paricipation Rate (WPR), 50% of cases with Work-Eligible clients must meet the Participation Target for their case.

Work-Eligible individuals of any age who are receiving the adult payment standard are included in the WPR. This includes teen parents who have their own case, but not teen parents who receive as dependent children.

Countable hours completed voluntarily by Exempt clients are counted as extra credit toward the WPR.

"Excused absence" hours are applied by the reporting system if needed to help a case meet the participation rate. These hours apply to reporting only, and are not to be confused with good cause reasons for not meeting expectations in assigned activities.  For good cause reasons, see PM 03-13-04-a.