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The PACIS screens that previously provided information on medical, cash and SNAP recipients, eligibility and benefit levels (F1- ACID and F4 - ANQR) ceased being the source for up-to-date, current information since the Integrated Eligibility System (IES) became fully operational in October of 2017. Public Benefits information up to the time of the transition has been preserved on those screens in PACIS but may be eliminated at some point in the future. 

Additionally Screens F2, F7, F9, and F13 were eliminated in 2017. The information on those screens is now housed in IES. Other Screens in PACIS such as KIDS, Recipient Eligibility Inquiry, and AWVS did not change.

These webpages are intended as a source of information and updates on IES, as well as system training information and support. On the following pages you will find training roadmaps for many different user group, job aids for specific work functions, and problem solving guides for commonly encountered problems in IES or in the process for accessing IES.