2022 IL Racial Justice and Equity Committee

Racial and Ethnic Disparities (RED) Justice and Equity Committee formerly known as Disproportionate Minority Contact (DMC) exist if a specific minority group's rate of contact at a particular point in the juvenile justice system is different than the rate of contact for non-Hispanic whites or other minority groups.

In 2018 OJJDP implemented a new, outcome-based approach to assessing states' efforts to address racial and ethnic disparities among minority youth within the juvenile justice system.

States achieve compliance with the R.E.D. core requirement when they address racial and ethnic disparities through the following: identification, development of an action plan, and an outcome-based evaluation.

Our Charge: The Illinois Racial Justice and Equity Committee guides the Commission's work to address minority overrepresentation in the juvenile justice system by working to address the following:

  • address deficiencies in race and ethnicity data collection throughout the juvenile justice system & guide annual data collection from 102 Illinois counties to maintain compliance with federal requirements 
  • Use data to develop and implement an action plan to address identified R.E.D. issues
  • Evaluate R.E.D. plan outcomes


  • Julia Schick (Co-Chair)
  • Michelle Mbekani (Co-Chair)
  • Jacqueline Bullard
  • Amanda Klonksy
  • Tamela Meehan
  • Briana Payton
  • Rick Velasquez
  • Dana Weiner

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