Appendix B Drafting an LCC Plan

Providers must submit an LCC Plan to serve LEP Customers as described above. Providers should include any additional information that will add clarity to the Provider's proposed LCC Plan to provide access to services for LEP Customers

The following is a guide for drafting the LCC Plan submission:

  1. Identifying the LEP Customers Who May Need Assistance. Describe the number or proportion of LEP Customers eligible to be served or encountered. Use the four factor analysis to provide an assessment of need and required effort, i.e. include the LEP Assessment. As described in section 2.5, the four factors are: 1) the number and proportion of eligible LEP Customers, 2) the frequency of contact with LEP Customers, 3) the importance or impact of the contact upon the lives of the person(s) served, and 4) the resources available to the organization.
  2. Organizational or Program LCC Plan. Provide a general description of the linguistic and cultural competence plan for the funded program(s) or for the organization as a whole that includes clear goals, outcomes, policies and procedures related to the provision of culturally and linguistically appropriate services.
  1. Diverse Personnel and LCC Training. Describe the strategies used to recruit, retain and promote at all levels, diverse personnel and leadership that are representative of the demographic characteristics of the service area. Provide a list of personnel positions that receive ongoing education and training in culturally and linguistically appropriate service delivery.
  2. Language Assistance Measures. Describe any language assistance services, such as bilingual personnel and interpreter services, cost of services, point of accessing the services, and how the services are delivered. Describe efforts and solicitations to secure the services of a Provider to provide interpretation or translation services, or other services (e.g. LCC Provider) that will assist the Provider in meeting the Goal. Describe the use of services from available minority community organizations; minority business groups; local, state, and federal minority business offices; and other organizations that provide assistance in meeting the Goal.
  3. Providing Notice to the LEP Customers. Describe practices established to ensure consumers receive both verbal and written notices, in their preferred language, of their right to receive language assistance or American Sign Language services. List any consumer-related materials and signage that are in languages of commonly encountered groups represented in the service area, including the languages in which the materials are available.
  4. Quality Assurance. Describe the procedures that ensure that consumers receive effective, understandable and respectful services, provided in the consumer's preferred language and in a manner sensitive to cultural beliefs and practices including a description of data collection procedures.