MR #14.07: Increase to TANF Initial Employment Deduction 2014

Illinois Department of Human Services



  • The TANF Initial Employment Deduction (IED) is increased effective 3/1/14 due to the revised 2014 Federal Poverty Levels.
  • Use the Parent Liability unit size to determine which IED amount to use in the Parent Liability calculation.
  • The address to which Request for Exception (Form 4691/4691C) is mailed has changed.

  1. Initial Employment Deduction (IED)
  2. How did we calculate the IED amount?
  3. Use of IED in determining Parent Liability
  4. Miscellaneous Changes
  5. Manual Revisions:
  6. Form Revision:

Initial Employment Deduction (IED)

Beginning March 1, 2014, use the increased Initial Employment Deduction (IED) to determine initial financial eligibility for TANF. The IED is increased due to revised 2014 Federal Poverty Levels, and is equal to the difference between 50% of the current FPL for the applicant's family size and his or her TANF payment level.

All systems are programmed to use the increased IED for determinations beginning 3/1/14.

For a SWAP initial eligibility determination, use the amount based on family size and county of residence located in the chart in WAG 25-03-02 (1).

How did we calculate the IED amount?

We are providing an informational attachment Initial Employment Deduction (IED) (pdf) to show the calculation.

Use of IED in determining Parent Liability 

When computing Parent Liability, use the IED amount which corresponds to the Parent Liability family unit size. In addition to this clarification, language is added to strengthen policy that the family unit size does not include any person who is applying for or receiving TANF.

Miscellaneous Changes

  • MR #13.15 obsoleted TA 31/TAR D1 for SNAP on a 94/96 case. Additional references to TAR D1 are removed.
  • The address to which customers are told to mail Request for Exception (Form 491/4691C) is changed to:
    • Bureau of Policy Development
      100 South Grand Avenue East
      Springfield, Il  62762 

Do not require the customer to mail Form 4691/4691C themselves. If provided to the FCRC, fax it to BPD at 217-557-5850 or email it to  

Manual Revisions:

Form Revision:

Form 4691/4691C

[signed copy on file]

Michelle R.B. Saddler

Secretary, Illinois Department of Human Services