DUI & eDSRS (electronic DUI Services Reporting System)


The Division of Substance Use Prevention and Recovery licenses and supports Driving Under the Influence (DUI) services. These services include DUI Evaluations and Driver Risk Education (DRE).

All licensed DUI Service providers must register on the Unified Health Systems - electronic DUI Service Reporting System (eDSRS) in order to complete the required forms and reports associated with DUI Evaluations and DRE. This web site is also used to submit reimbursement from the Drunk and Drugged Driving Prevention Fund (DDDPF). To register, click on the link below:

DUI forms

Illinois Administrative Rule 2060

DUI Service Provider Orientation Program

This program is mandated for SUPR licensed agency employees who provide DUI services in evaluation and risk education in Illinois. Orientation workshops are also available to all DUI service providers who are interested in receiving periodic updates on DUI service provision requirements and procedures. More information is available from the following link:

Secretary of State (SOS) Forms

Licensed providers may access SOS forms such as Hearing Requirements, Illinois Petitioner Alcohol/Drug Evaluation Report Update, Illinois Petitioner Investigative Alcohol/Drug Evaluation, Illinois Petitioner Treatment Verification and the corresponding Out-Of-State Petitioner forms at: