Local Office Consolidation: Coles, Douglas, Edgar, Effingham and Shelby FCRC

Illinois Department of Human Services



  • The Coles (024), Douglas (029), Edgar (031), Effingham (033), and Shelby County (094) Local offices are consolidating and moving to 1550 Douglas, Charleston, IL  61920-3195.
  • The new FCRC will be known as the Mid Illinois Family Community Resource Center (024).
  • A copy of the client notice announcing the consolidation is attached.

The Coles (024), Douglas (029), Edgar (031), Effinghan (033), and Shelby County (094) Local offices is consolidating. Copies of CN 13.22/CN 13.22S (pdf), are attached.

[signed copy on file]

Michelle R.B. Saddler

Secretary, Illinois Department of Human Services

Forms referenced:

CN 13.22/13.22S (pdf)