ISD and ISVI Superintendents Confirmed by the State Senate

Illinois School for the Visually Impaired (ISVI) Superintendent Serena Preston and Janice Smith-Warshaw, Superintendent for the Illinois School for the Deaf (ISD) were confirmed by the Illinois Senate on Tuesday, November 6.

"I have been in education over 25 years in this great state. I have worked in public schools and also at the School for the Visually Impaired," said Preston. "I've been a classroom teacher, a behavior specialist, and I've also been a principal, and I've been serving as the superintendent for the school since July of 2012. I greatly appreciate the opportunity and I thank you for putting your faith in me."

Smith-Warshaw is the first deaf woman superintendent of ISD. She also thanked the legislators that nominated her through a translator.

"As the superintendent for the Illinois School for the Deaf, I'm confident that I can put this school on the map for deaf and hard-of-hearing students in the state of Illinois and throughout the United States, as well," Smith-Warshaw said.

Preston and Warshaw's confirmation sponsor was State Senator Sam McCann. State Representative C.D. Davidsmeyer was also on hand to support them.

Smith-Warshaw served at the California School for the Deaf since 2000. She also taught at the model Secondary School for the Deaf in Washington, D.C. and the Delaware School for the Deaf.

Preston is from Jacksonville. She has been an educator for 25 years and has worked at the ISVI in several positions for 16 years.

 ISD and ISVI Superintendants.

Photo (Left to Right):  State Representative C.D. Davidsmeyer, ISD Superintendent Janice Smith-Warshaw, ISVI Superintendent Serena Preston, and Senator Sam McCann.