Family Supports

Family Transition Project

The Family Transition Project connect families facing transition to those families who have already gone through it.

The Family Transition Project offers hope to families and guardians that a positive and smooth transition to community living is possible, despite misconceptions and misinformation that may have discouraged guardians in the past.

At the heart of the Family Transition Project is compassion. Families that have experienced the transition process understand better than anyone else what this journey entails. The support that these families can offer each other is priceless.

All of our family advocates have relatives with developmental and intellectual disabilities. They are dealing on a daily basis with the issues that concern the families whose relatives continue to reside in state facilities. They have unique expertise and an integrity that comes from being stakeholders themselves. Their job is to listen to the families who are facing transition and learn their needs and concerns. They share their own experiences and those of other families who have undergone the process. Family advocates can connect families facing transition to those families who have already gone through it and have seen positive results in the lives of their loved ones.

Families also need information. Family advocates can help them to understand what kinds of options are available in the community from the perspective of families. They know that what may seem self-evident to professionals in the field is often confusing to families who are learning to navigate a new system. They don't duplicate the work of professionals, but offer a family oriented view to available resources and will advocate for families in meetings or on visits to providers if families request this support.

Family advocates are a resource to families facing transition. They offer hope, share success stories, connect families with a network of other families, and help them to access useful information. Family advocates will continue this consistent, supportive relationship for as long as the families want their help.

Family Transition Project Contact

Katherine Hamann, Project Director
Family Transition Project
Phone: (708) 465-2827

Parent Ombudsperson

To better support families through the ACCT process, a Parent Ombudsperson is available to provide the following support to families:

  • Listen to, and document, the family/guardian concerns about community living for their relative in public and private meetings.
  • Work closely with families/guardians and others to ensure the highest degree and involvement at every step of the process.
  • Address these concerns in the process of developing the transition and long-term person-centered support plan.

Parent Ombudsperson Contact

Anne M. Shannon, Parent Ombudsperson
Phone: (708) 246-2202