ICED Gets a Look at Service Dogs and their Amazing Help to People with Disabilities

Sampson carries a phone over to Melissa Mooney of Helping Paws International. Mooney was showing how service dogs can help people with disabilities.

Hearing dog Gypsy alerts Amy Baker to the sound of a phone ringing. Amy is with Hearing Dog International

With just a one word command, service dog Dora jumps up and brings a phone, a crutch or a water bottle to her trainer Melissa Mooney of Helping Paws. Dora was one of three dogs who performed for the Interagency Committee on Employees with Disabilities awards ceremony on May 22 in Springfield. The Helping Paws support program is run by the Illinois Department of Corrections at Logan Correctional Center in Lincoln.

Female inmates train the support dogs who are then provided to people with disabilities. The program is supported by Purina One who donated a pallet of dog food to the Helping Paws Program.