ACCT Provider Facts

The Facts

Three facts in reference to community-based providers that families should know:

  1. Licensing - All of the community providers that participate in the Rebalancing Initiative are licensed by the state of Illinois.
  2. Community Staff Training - The state has clearly defined the necessary requirements for staff to work with individuals with disabilities. Many providers have staff who have been working with individuals with significant disabilities and complex needs for over 20 years. All staff are required to complete a documented training program that includes classroom instruction and on-the job training.
  3. Life Safety Standards - Protections against abuse and neglect are the same for community-based settings as institutional settings.

Safety Concerns

Providers are carefully screened and matched with the individual. The risk assessment will identify what supports are necessary to keep persons safe. In smaller settings many providers use a variety of strategies to address safety. For example, it is not uncommon for homes that support females to have only female staff working at a home. Your safety concerns should be discussed in detail during the person-centered planning meeting.