Active Community Care Transitions (ACCT)

Active Community Care Transitions

- a part of the Illinois Rebalancing Initiative

My Life. My Choice. My Home.

What do we mean by Rebalancing?

It means improving the quality of life for people with disabilities and increasing community opportunities by using our resources more effectively.

Smaller homes in community neighborhoods offer:

  • more opportunities to have meaningful choices and exert personal preferences regarding meals, schedules and interests;
  • more privacy and personal space to relax and unwind, display personal possessions and visit with family and friends;
  • increased involvement with neighbors and the community;

The cost of operating older, large facilities is much greater than the cost of supporting people in smaller, more modern and personalized homes. These cost savings result in funds we can reinvest into the community to:

  • support other individuals in need of community services;
  • improve health, transportation, housing and employment services for all members of the community.

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