ISVI Students in Perfect Pitch at the IHSA Music Competition

A group of Illinois School for the Visually Impaired students competed in the IHSA Music Competition in Petersburg on March 2 and had outstanding results.

Under the direction of Music Educator Denise Kerhlikar, five students traveled to Porta High School in Petersburg to compete in the IHSA Music Competition. The ensemble received a standing ovation from the judge who then gave them a perfect score and has invited them to sing at his church. The contest hosts were glad to have ISVI back in the competition as last year the students went home the weekend of the competition and thus were not able to compete. The students had a great time performing.

Congratulations to the group of ISVI students for the following results!

  • ISVI Ensemble-1st place
  • Three ISVI students individually took 1st place Morgan Schulte, Jada Pumphrey and Kyle Pope
  • Two ISVI students individually took 2nd place Alexis Dhabalt, Kyle Chellino
  • ISVI students competing at the IHSA music contest

    ISVI students competing at the IHSA music contest included:

    Front row: Alexis Dhabalt, Morgan Schulte, Jada Pumphrey

    Back row: Kyle Pope, Kyle Chellino