January 24, 2013 Communications Committee Meeting


Illinois Juvenile Justice Commission Communication Committee Members and Staff.  The public is welcome to attend.


January 24, 2013, 2:00p.m. to 4:00 p.m.


  • 2020 Metropolis
    30 West Monroe
    13th Floor
    Chicago, IL
  • 823 E Monroe
    Springfield, IL


  1. Call to Order
  2. Roll Call
  3. Approval of minutes
  4. Status of Reports & Legislation
    1. Annual Report
    2. Raise the Age
    3. SB2151 - Sex Offender Bill
    4. SB1725 Juvenile Reentry Improvement Study
      1. Reentry Committee Update
    5. Youth Engagement
    6. DJJ Vocational Education
  5. Data Liaison
  6. Communications Strategies
    1. Website
    2. Messaging
    3. Social Marketing
  7. Other Items / Next Steps
  8. Next meeting date
    February 28, 2013
  9. Adjournment


  1. Call to Order
    The meeting was called to order at 2:07pm.
  2. Roll Call
    Co-Chairs Esther Franco-Payne and Julie Biehl. Commissioners: Lisa Jacobs. Jacqueline Bullard by telephone. Guests: Stephanie Kollmann, Jim Bray, and Konoko Ishida. Staff: Heidi Mueller, Rob Vickery, Julie Stremlau, Karima Douglas and Shiyang Zhou.
  3. Approval of minutes
    Commissioner Jacobs moved to approve the minutes of December 12, 2012. Commissioner Franco-Payne seconded the motion. Minutes approved.
  4. Status of Reports & Legislation
    1. Annual Report:
      Jim Bray gave the overview of the annual report. Please have all comments and edits in for report by Monday, January 28th. Any further questions or concerns are to be directed to Commissioner Franco-Payne. Commissioner Jacobs asked if there are data queries we need to let CPRD know about.
    2. Raise the Age (RtA):
      Stephanie Kollmann distributed a draft table of contents for the Raise the Age report. The draft report will be complete on 1/31/13; the executive summary will be complete on 2/4/13; the drafts will be reviewed by Jim Bray, Chairman Timberlake, Commissioners Jacobs, Franco-Payne and Biehl. The final report will be submitted for printing on 2/11/13 with distribution to Legislators and the public on 2/19/13. Commission Bullard suggested that the report shared with those legislators who sponsored the initial legislation.  YNC/ICOY will handle the printing of the report, unless DHS is able to accomplish this within the tight timeframe.
    3. SB2151 - Juvenile Sex Offender Bill
      The Commission approved the JSO recommendations, a draft report being completed. Commissioner Jacobs explained that Anita Weinberg believes the report will be complete at the end of March.
    4. SB1725 Juvenile Reentry Improvement Study
      Reentry Committee Update: Rob Vickery announced Reentry Community Briefing on 2/12/13 and 2/27/13 in Sangamon County and St. Clair County. Commissioner Bullard will assist in those training presentations. Commissioner Franco-Payne has coordinated another Community Briefing with the Illinois African American Family Coalition. Another Briefing is in the works in partnership with St. Sabina's Church.
  5. Youth Engagement
    Rob Vickery reported the youth meetings take place in the evening to accommodate everyone's schedules. The newest IJJC Youth Applicant Ethan Liets-VanLear was photographed at the first-ever Statewide Youth Conference on Restorative Justice. Attendance at meetings of Youth Commissioners has been poor, despite working to schedule the meetings at convenient times for the youth. YNC/ICOY will be working with Youth Commissioners to recruit more young people. A larger group should result in meetings with more than one or two participants. The group discussed various changes to full Commission meetings to involve the youth members. Commissioners recommended that engagement of Youth Commissioners also include adult allies to help support the young person's involvement.
  6. DJJ Vocational
    Commissioner Franco-Payne and Metropolis assisted in developing plans for vocational education in DJJ. They have worked with DJJ's Superintendent of Schools and will be pursuing online options. DJJ has applied for grants for the necessary technology.
  7. Data Liaison
    No updates
  8. Communications Strategies
    1. Website
      Rob Vickery reported the website will be active soon. The web address is: http://ijjc.illinois.gov/  
    2. Messaging
    3. Social Marketing
  9. Other Items / Next Steps
  10. Next meeting date
    February 28, 2013 (Note: this date may be rescheduled due to a conflicting event).
  11. Adjournment
    Commissioner Biehl moved to adjourn. Commissioner Franco-Payne seconded the motion. All in favor, meeting adjourned at 4:04pm.