January 18, 2013 Redeploy Illinois Oversight Board


Redeploy Illinois Oversight Board Members and Staff. The public is welcome to attend.


January 18, 2013, 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.


This meeting will be conducted via video conference with Chicago & Springfield Locations as follows:

  • Chicago: 401 Clinton Building, 7th Floor Executive video conference room.
  • Springfield: 100 South Grand-Harris Building, 3rd Floor Executive video conference room.


  1. Call to Order
  2. Roll Call
  3. Approval of Minutes (September 21)
  4. Membership Update
  5. Redeploy ARRA Grant Update
    1. Planning Grant
    2. ISU Recidivism & Cost-benefit Analysis
    3. UIS/CPSJ Expansion Analysis
    4. Status of Funds
  6. 3 YR Site Visit Recommendations/Approval
    1. Macon County
    2. Fourth Judicial Circuit
    3. Peoria County
    4. Lee County
    5. Madison County
  7. Redeploy Illinois Focused
    1. Program Update
    2. Funding Update
    3. Re-allocation Discussion/Decision
  8. FY14 Funding Decision - Lasalle
  9. Logic Model Discussion/Approval
  10. 2011 Annual Report - Press Release
  11. CY13 Meeting Schedule
  12. Membership Committee Update
  13. Next Meeting
    February 22, 2013
  14. Adjourn


  1. Roll Call: Chair: Grace Hong Duffin, Anne Studzinski- Vice Chair, Peter Parry, Esther Franco-Payne, Paula Wolff, Jim McCarter, Margie Groot, Betsy Clarke, Chip Coldren, Janet Ahern and Rick Velasquez. George Timberlake and Arthur Bishop attended via teleconference. Staff and Guests: Karrie Rueter, Danielle Donovan, James Sherwood, Donna Taylor, John Payne, Nels Nelson and Rob Vickery. Quorum was met.
  2. Approval of Minutes: The RIOB discussed the meeting minutes from September 2012. Motion: James McCarter put forth the motion to approve the September 2012 meeting minutes with noted corrections; Paula Wolff seconded.  Decision: The Board voted to approve September 2012 minutes as amended.
  3. Membership Update: Over the holiday season, the RIOB lost two of its members. With this change, two new members have filled those seats on the board. Redeploy welcomes Janet Ahern as the new DCFS Representative, Peter Parry, replacing Larry Stasica, and Margaret Wood, replacing Tom Bilyk.
  4. Redeploy ARRA Grant Update:
    1. Planning Grant: Current Planning Grantees are Winnebago, Vermillion, the First Circuit and Cook County. Staff have conducted two planning grant meetings as well as helped the grantees with the logistics of attending site visits. The final report is currently scheduled for February 28, 2013.
    2. ISU Recidivism & Cost-Benefit Analysis: The draft of the ISU Recidivism and Cost Benefit Analysis study has been received. Staff and select Redeploy Illinois Oversight Board (RIOB) members have reviewed the draft and have some reservations and concerns regarding the reports integrity and quality in the methods and content. Staff have shared this draft with ICJIA - staff have sought assistance in providing a thorough review and analysis of the report, specifically in regards to the methods and content. ICJIA staff (Mark Myrent, Christine Devitt and Erica Hughes) have been reviewing this draft extensively throughout the last three months. A discussion took place on January 14, 2013 with Dr. Kethineni about the above mentioned concerns.
      Chip Coldren gave an update to the Board: It was decided that statistically, this Recidivism & Cost Benefit Analysis is strong in its integrity and quality regarding methods and content. There are some minor edits being made to the report by Dr. Kethineni at no cost. It was mentioned that perhaps it would be a good addition if arrest data was included in this analysis. However, the inclusion of such data would not affect the overall vision of this report and would take an immense amount of time to complete and we do not have the funds or staff to do so. It should be the end of March before a completed second version is ready for review.
    3. UIS/CPSJ Expansion Analysis: DHS has a contract in place for a new expansion analysis study with the University of Illinois (CPSJ). However, DHS anticipated funding to begin in May of 2012, but due to staff turnover and the inordinate amount of time it took to finalize an acceptable budget by UIS, DHS and ICJIA, this did not happen. As a direct result, DHS didn't receive final approval from ICJIA until September 26, 2012. Therefore, the original anticipated project period had been reduced to less than 6 months and because DHS didn't get final approval on the grant budget revisions until this September 26, 2012, this project was delayed even further.
    4. Status of Funds: Due to the extenuating circumstances, DHS has requested a no-cost extension through June 30, 2013 that would allow this Expansion Analysis, the two new Planning Grantees, the LaSalle expansion site, and our current DHS staff members to be funded through the end of the State Fiscal Year. We should have news within the next week or so.
  5. Site Visit Recommendations and Approval: Judge Payne gave an update on the site visits that have been completed for the 2012 calendar year. Those assessments ready for Board approval are the Macon County, Fourth Circuit, Peoria County and Lee County.
    Motion: James McCarter put forth the motion to approve the Macon County Site Assessment; Anne Studzinski seconded. 
    Decision: The Board voted to approve the Macon County Site Assessment.
    Motion: Rick Velasquez put forth the motion to approve the Fourth Circuit Site Assessment; Anne Studzinski seconded.
    Decision: The Board voted to approve the Fourth Circuit Site Assessment.
    Motion: Rick Velasquez put forth the motion to approve the Peoria County Site Assessment; Chip Coldren seconded.
    Decision: The Board voted to approve the Peoria County Site Assessment.
    Motion: Anne Studzinski put forth the motion to approve the Lee County Site Assessment; Peter Parry seconded.
    Decision: The Board voted to approve the Lee County Site Assessment.
  6. Redeploy Illinois Focused: Rob Vickery gave an update on the Focused project. Applications for Redeploy Illinois Focused Program funds continue to be minimal. Mercer County recently inquired about using funds for residential treatment for a probationer. This young man was pending sentencing and juvenile probation revocation for an adult felony theft charge. After confirming with Karrie Rueter, Anne Studzinski, Judge Payne and ICOY staff, Mercer County was informed that Redeploy Illinois Focused funds are not intended to be used for residential treatment. Thus far in FY 2013, a single application has been approved by the County Review Committee and Redeploy Illinois Oversight Board, resulting in a contract with Ogle County for a total of $8,725.00. To date, $6,335.00 has been paid to Ogle County. Early in 2013, ICOY staff will coordinate with Judge Payne and DHS staff to initiate another round of outreach to eligible counties. Additionally, ICOY will work on revisions to the Redeploy Illinois Focused application based on the direction of the County Review Committee.
  7. FY13 Status of Funds: Karrie provided an update on the FY13 status of funds at the request of the Board. Karrie shared that staff have been in the process of reaching out to providers to get a feel for their anticipated expenditures through the end of the year. To date, eight of the ten providers indicate they are on track to spend 100% of their funding while the other two have yet to respond. Further, Karrie provided a review of the Redeploy funds currently in the Youth Network Council contract. YNC is on track to spend the funds allocated for coordination, training and technical assistance. However, Karrie suggested that there would likely be a significant amount of Redeploy Focused dollars unexpended that may need to be re-allocated and that we need to begin looking at this reality now, and not wait until the end of the 3rd quarter as the statute dictates. Board members were reminded that unallocated funds were to be distributed to existing sites and that the "supplemental funding process" would need to get underway soon. Finally, a board member suggested that the Board consider the estimated costs of serving a Redeploy Focused youth and consider the number of youth that the Board may want to serve under that program in FY14 should funding levels remain level or diminish. Karrie further discussed the importance of this decision as it will be necessary for the Board to identify an additional approximately $50,000 in FY14 to be able to fully fund the LaSalle County site as they are currently funded in part with the ARRA grant.
  8. FY 2014 Funding Decision - LaSalle County: Tabled until the next meeting.
  9. Logic Model Discussion & Approval: Approved with the noted additions and the request to review once per year at the beginning of each calendar year.
    Motion: Rick Velasquez put forth the motion to approve the Logic Model with the request that the Board review this model once per year; Anne Studzinski seconded. 
    Decision: The Board voted to approve the Logic Model.
  10. CY 2013 Meeting Schedule: Karrie Rueter put forth a Calendar Year Meeting Schedule for the RIOB. The Board was content with keeping the set schedule. 
    Motion: Anne Studzinski put forth the motion to approve the CY 2013 Meeting Schedule; James McCarter seconded. 
    Decision: The Board voted to approve the CY 2013 Meeting Schedule.
  11. Membership Committee Update: Grace Hong Duffin, Chair, gave an update on the Membership Committee that the RIOB has in place. It is a one year voluntary term and it is necessary to again staff this committee. Grace asked for three volunteers to be CY 2013 members of this committee. Paula Wolff, Betsy Clarke and Chip Coldren represent the CY 2013 Membership Committee.
  12. Next Meeting: February 22, 2013 (1:00 pm - 3:00 pm)
  13. Adjourn: Motion to adjourn at 3:10 pm.