View TANF RSP Documents in CCMS

In CCMS, you have the ability to display TANF case information and view TANF RSP documents for any related TANF cases in the Client Database (CDB). First, you must link a client's CCMS case to the TANF case so information between the two cases can easily be found, including the ability to view RSP documents in CCMS.

Linking CCMS and TANF Cases - Process Steps:

  1. On the Case Search page, conduct a case search.
  2. If a client's case returns multiple results, check the Source column to find where the case belongs.
    • CCMS: The case is a CCMS case.
    • CDB: The case is a TANF case.
    • COPA: The case is a City of Chicago case.
      • If multiple cases are returned besides one CCMS and one CDB case for the same client, review the Duplicate Case Job Aid to learn how to process duplicate cases. You can also view the Link Cases Wizard to learn additional information on how to link cases.
  3. If both a CCMS and CDB case for the same client return in the search results, you may determine the cases should be linked. Click the checkbox in the Select column for both cases. When two cases are selected, the Link button is activated.
  4. Click [Link]. The cases are now linked together.

Viewing RSP Documents - Process Steps:

  1. Complete the steps above to link a CCMS and CDB case together.
  2. Navigate to the Documents tab.
  3. Select the RSP Documents page.
  4. In the # column of the RSP History section of the page, select the hyperlink of the document you wish to view.
  5. The Responsibility and Service Plan document pop-up displays. Review any information on the form.
  6. Click the X in the upper right-hand corner to close the Responsibility and Service Plan form.

Results of the Procedure:

The CCMS and CDB cases are linked and RSP documents can be viewed.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I view RSP documents without linking the two cases?
    1. No, you must link the CCMS case with the CDB case to view RSP documents associated with the case. Linking the two cases will not change the information in either case; therefore, it is to your benefit to link the two cases to have access to more information about the client.