Process a Subpoena Work Item

Refer to the Create a Work Item, Create a Case Note, and Create a Work Item Note wizards to assist you in processing an Subpoena Work Item.

Create a Subpoena Work Item - Process Steps:

The following steps are completed by BCCD or a CCR&R/Site:

  1. Navigate to the Work Item Search page to conduct a search and confirm the desired Work Item does not exist in CCMS.
  2. Click [Create New] at the bottom of the Work Item Search page.
  3. The Work Item Details page displays
  4. Scroll to the Work Item Details section of the page.
  5. Select Subpoena from the Work Item Type drop-down list.
  6. Select the correct Source from the drop-down list.
    • Fax
    • Scan
    • Email
    • Mail
    • Phone
    • Other
    • No Contact
  7. Select BCCD from the Assigned Org drop-down list.
  8. Do not complete the Assigned Team or Assigned Worker fields. CCMS will automatically route this Work Item to the correct team for processing according to routing rules.
  9. Select Respond to Subpoena from the Work Flow Status drop-down list.
  10. The Work Item Status will default to new when creating a new Work Item.
  11. Select a select a case or provider to associate to the subpoena.
    Next to the Provider # and Case # field there is a icon. Click on the icon to access a search page to search for the correct provider or case to associate to the Work Item.
  12. Type information regarding the subpoena in the Description field. This field has a 500 character limit.
  13. Click [Save].

 Clicking [Save] triggers a task to BCCD alerting them a subpoena has been created.

 Best Practice! Create a Work Item Note to capture the information regarding the subpoena.

The following steps are completed by BCCD:

  1. Receive the task and complete the requested action.
  2. Navigate to the Work Item Details page.
  3. Select Complete in the Work Item Status field to close the Work Item.
  4. Click [Save].

Subpoena: Work Flow Status Key

The agency in the Assigned Org field is the organization that owns the Work Item and receives the task. CCMS will send the task to the correct team according to that agency's routing rules.

Work Flow Status When do I select? Related Task
Respond to Subpoena When requesting BCCD to process a subpoena for a particular provider or case. Respond to Subpoena

Results of the Procedure:

The subpoena is created, assigned to the appropriate organization, and processed.